Advanced Peels

Take your skincare to the next level with one of our advanced chemical peels. Our powerful resurfacers are formulated with enzymes and clinical acids to exfoliate and renew the skin, making them excellent treatments for age management, acne and hyper pigmentation concerns.  Our estheticians will analyze your skin and choose a treatment based on the characteristics of your skin and your desired result.

The Designer Depigmenting Treatment

30 min $55
Add- on to facial $32

Designed to lighten skin without flaking or peeling, these treatments help to fade existing melasma and hyperpigmenation resulting in a more uniform skin color.  Treatments also help prevent post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation to maintain an even-colored complexion.

Skin Renewal 1

30 min $70
Add- on to facial $37

Light exfoliation designed to show improvement in skin challenges resulting in healthier acting, younger looking, radiant complexion with no downtime. 

Skin Renewal 2

30 min $80
Add- on to facial $37

Medium exfoliation skin renewal process.  It may cause the skin to shed its outer dead layer resulting in more dramatic results that target the precise corrections or preventative actions your skin needs to maintain a beautiful, healthy complexion.

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