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Specialty Masks

Esthemax  Hydrojelly MAsk 
Add on to any facial for boosted results...

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Egyghen Rose 


Stimulating & Anti-wrinkles
Mask based on marine algae extracts and a high amount of natural VITAMIN C nutrients from orange and dill. The VITAMIN C acts as a skin clarifying active principle, antioxidant and stimulant of collagen synthesis. 
Suitable for mixed, oily skin types with dilated pores. 


Goji Mask


Antioxidant & Stimulating 
Mask that contains extracts of GOJI BERRIES and quinoa seeds. The mixture of these components has antioxidant and stimulating effects on the skin and helps to strengthen the natural protective barrier. Quinoa supplies the skin with proteins of high biological quality, a balanced mixture of amino acids and a high content of B-group vitamins. The skin remains healthy with a youthful appearance. 
GOJI is characterized by its exclusive polysaccharides, key components of this fruit that are essential for a healthy skin condition. The skin appears more rested, with renewed strength. 
Suitable for all skin types, and especially recommended to treat the first signs of aging. 

Sensitive Mask


Soothing & Vitaminic 
Mask with moisturizing properties from marine algae extracts. Contains violet essence, that is recognized for its soothing properties and OAT that provides VITAMIN A, B and E. 
Suitable for sensitive and couperose skin.

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