Massage therapy is a powerful tool in helping to restore balance to an otherwise stressful life.  Each of our therapists are fully certified, each with their own unique style to fit a variety of needs.  Whether you are simply looking to relax or in need of a true therapeutic treatment, our spa coordinators will help find the therapist to best suit your needs. Being properly hydrated before and after your massage service is highly recommended.


60 min, $105

An excellent choice for expectant mothers. Massage can reduce many normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy.   The Prego-Pillow or side-lying techniques are used to ensure comfort throughout.
Please Note: You must be 12 weeks into first trimester to receive massage service WITHOUT a doctor's written permission, no exceptions.

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The Head to Toe

60 min Swedish, $105
90 min Swedish, $150
60 min Deep Tissue, $120
90 min Deep Tissue, $165

Designed to focus on regions of the body which cause you the most

tension, the massage is concentrated on the area of your choice with an

additional 30 minutes focused on stimulating the circulation and relieving

aches in your feet.


30 min, $65
60 min, $90
90 min, $135

With an emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction, this classic technique is used to relax tense muscles, detoxify the body and rejuvenate the mind. Light to medium pressure is adjusted to suit your needs.​

Deep Tissue

30 min, $80
60 min, $105
90 min, $150

This technique uses slow, deep movements to release tension, aid in scar tissue reduction, and increase range of motion.  Not recommended for a first time massage experience.